Essay on religious extremism in pakistan

In order for society to understand the extremism and persisting terrorism in Pakistan, one must look at its past and origins, at what brought us here in the first place. A campaign should be started on electronic media which should teach people the real principals of Islam.

The Pakistani nation must understand the consequences of failing to defeat terrorism, a possible take over of Pakistani government by people sympathizing with Taliban and Al Qaeda leading it to international isolation continued economic miseries.

Frequent terrorist attacks are the result of this situation; Pakistan is one of such countries in the world where most of the terrorist attacks happen. As the tenure of army operation will increase it will increase the innocent killings, therefore the army operation will loose its legitimacy amongst the masses and will prove to be victorious for insurgents.

Extremism in Pakistan

Christian Responses Faced with this appalling situation, how do Pakistani Christians respond? In Pakistan, religious extremism is not limited to extremist organizations; it also exists on individual, group, and institutional levels.

The chief reason behind growth of extremist mentality in our society is the hopelessness amongst masses living in Muslim countries, this hopelessness is mainly attributable to two factors; firstly due to absence of Essay on religious extremism in pakistan mechanism whereby general will of masses in the society could be brought into the political system due to the presence of despotic culture in politics of Muslim countriessecond reason is the growing hegemony of USA, in its persecution of Muslims, to take over the control of mineral resources of Muslim countries.

The military operation started by current government to curb the extremists and Taliban in Sawat and Agency areas is a brave step, but it has both positive and negative connotations. He and his wife Ruby have three children. Sadly, the Christian community has not always responded to terrorism and extremism in a Christ-like manner.

Religiously motivated persecution has become so prevalent that a Pew Research Center report named Pakistan one of the five most hostile nations for religious minorities. However, in the long run this approach is not result oriented, because the government operation is indiscriminately killing the innocent and culprit both.

Foreign Governments give funds to these groups to impose terrorist in developing countries for their own purposes. Even under extreme circumstances, they are determined to follow the example of the One who loves to the extreme: Maqsood is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church.

Extremism in Pakistan

However, the New Testament teaches us not to seek revenge, as vengeance and judgment belong to God alone Roman The use of force leads to enmity and bitter hostility. Christianity is a religion of social goodness and progress. ISI stands out as best intelligence agency of the world: This leads to hostility against the other group.

These two religious groups killed many people of the rival group. An atmosphere of strife, tension and horror halts the economic progress of the country. This concentration of wealth in few hands has raised the problem of poverty and people have to opt for forceful means for the resolution of their problems, they become dacoits, join mercenary organizations and conduct suicide attacks for financial gains.

Perhaps the most extreme response of all is to follow Christ, no matter the cost. Religiously motivated persecution has become so prevalent that a Pew Research Center report named Pakistan one of the five most hostile nations for religious minorities. The role of our Ulema is also of a significant importance, they should focus on eliminating the differences rather than fighting on minute issues.

If we truly want a glorious Pakistan in front of ourselves and more so for our children and grand children, then we must and need to take action now, not soon, now. Over a decade later, one of the worst attacks on Christian worshippers took place at All Saints Church in Peshawar on September 22, Since the s, Sunni Islamic extremism has been on the rise in Pakistan, where the tiny Christian community has suffered tremendously.

Buddhism is a religion of peace and humility.Let Us Not Hopeless About Pakistan Essay. Let Us Not hopeless About Pakistan By saria sajjad Pakistan has remained in the throe of a perennial multi-faceted crisis.

But let us not despair about its destiny and a glorious future ahead. Pakistan a nascent state has remained caught in myriad problems ever since it came into being on August 14, THE FUTURE OF EXTREMISM IN PAKISTAN Essay The Future of Extremism in against state by ethnic groups Violence against state and society by religious sectarian groups Jan Consulting RELIGIOUS-BASED EXTREMISM IN PAKISTAN Islamic extremism and militancy currently poses.

The term "terrorism" is often used in conjunction with "religious extremism," the former typically a consequence of the latter. Religious extremism, however, is not confined only to acts of violence; it is the violent side of the extremist spectrum, though, which endangers and causes anxiety among the global community/5(2).

Essay on Religous Extremism for Matric, FA, FSC, 2nd Year, BA and BSC. Here is an essay on Religious Extremism for the students of 10th Class, 12th Class and Graduation.

Many people in Pakistan attributed the defeat of to the Bangladeshis being not truly Islamic or Muslims. The idea of an Islamic Pakistan was seized upon by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. He also applied Islamic rhetoric to Pakistan's foreign and strategic policy hosting a major Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) meeting in Lahore in He also.

According to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, religious extremism worldwide claims nearlyChristian lives annually. Since the s, Sunni Islamic extremism has been on the rise in Pakistan, where the tiny Christian community has suffered tremendously.

Essay on religious extremism in pakistan
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